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Jeremy Hunt Is The New Chancellor

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On 14 October 2022, Kwasi Kwarteng announced on Twitter that he was stepping down as Chancellor. This comes after the government faced backlash from their growth plan at the end of last month. Since then the government have been trying to restore the financial market and reassure people.

Despite, insisting that he would still be Chancellor on 13 October. It was announced just the next day he was sacked by Liz Truss. Kwasi Kwarteng tweeted a letter to Liz Truss accepting his leave and said;

“You have asked me to stand aside as chancellor. I have accepted.”

Following the departure of Kwasi Kwarteng, it was then announced that Jeremy Hunt will be his replacement. Jeremy Hunt tried running in the leadership contest, that voted Liz Truss in a couple of months ago. However, he left in the early rounds after not securing enough votes. He also came second to Boris Johnson in the leadership contest in 2019 before Boris Johnson became Prime Minister


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